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Understand the Times

The ministry's founder and president, Roger Oakland, is an author and lecturer who speaks internationally on a variety of subjects from a Christian worldview. His easy-to-understand teaching style provides people of all ages and backgrounds with biblical insights that help them to understand the past, what's happening in the world today, and what's yet to take place in the future.

His vision is:

  • To strengthen the faith of Christians

  • To challenge the beliefs of unbelievers

  • To present a biblical Christian world view intelligently and with integrity

  • To work together with like-minded ministries

  • To reach people with the Gospel as effectively and efficiently as possible

UTT also founded the ministry of Bryce Homes International as a program to assist widows and orphans around the world. The program is in memory of Bryce Oakland (1974 - 2001).

Understand The Times is a non-profit ministry registered in both the United States and Canada. It receives tax-deductible financial support through donations from individuals and churches, along with honoraria and sales of materials, all of which goes directly towards expanding the horizons of Ministry.

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