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Bethel Communications

Bethel Communications began as a multimedia ministry in 1987 – by all means spreading The Word as Deborah Menelaws and her team of researchers sound the alarm as The Lord leads, utilising their multimedia skills from their secular work in film, TV and radio production.

Reaching out to those involved in the cults, occult and mysticism which was her own background before becoming a Christian – Deborah speaks at conferences around the world, sharing her research and sounding the alarm in the light of Bible prophecy and the days in which we’re living.

Deborah has studied Christian eschatology (the study of the end things in the Bible) for many years – and admits she will continue learning until the day she goes to be with The Lord – however in these latter days of revelation, great truths are indeed being revealed in order to arm and strengthen The Body of Christ in preparation for what’s to come.

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