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Global Vision TV and Radio

The Global Vision network known as Gv247 has been around since 2005. 


With 25 channels (and counting)  showing professionally filmed sound bites, mini movies, audios and teaching from some of the world’s best Bible teachers, expositors and experts.


Including Dr Arnold Fruchtenbaum, Dr Peter Williams, Prof Andy McIntosh, Prof. Darrell Bock, Roger Oakland,  Caryl Matrisciana, Deborah Menelaws and more, all speakers are proponents of Sound Teaching within their own areas of expertise – and easy to understand so that  they can be viewed by seekers as well as Believers.

We live in an age of accelerating technology and knowledge, yet mankind continues to cheat, rob, kill and destroy his fellow man. In a world of social media information overload, making informed decisions about what we believe and act upon has never been more important.

There are those who claim that the 66 books and letters of the Judeo-Christian Bible hold answers to the meaning of life and the uncertainties that face individuals every day. has interviewed a selection of compelling speakers on biblical subjects to provide a free resource. Choose from a wide selection of short and long form films and radio programmes which explore many of the most common questions asked today.

For hundreds of programmes from experts around the world, click on the box below.

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